Getting Started with MavenWorks for JupyterLab


In order to use MavenWorks for JupyterLab, you must first have JupyterLab installed. “Classic” Jupyter is not supported.

Installing is straight-forward:

$ pip install mavenworks
$ jupyter serverextension enable --py mavenworks.server
$ jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-mavenworks

Note! If your JupyterLab server is running, you’ll need to restart it before you can use some features of MavenWorks for JupyterLab.


MavenWorks comes with some documentation on The following tutorials should give you a good overview of MavenWorks:

Our Binder comes with a library of demos, if you prefer looking at examples:

And if you want to look at dashboards more generally, MavenWorks Standalone includes a few more demos that you can interact with:

MavenWorks Standalone also includes an in-app help browser that you can call up with the F1 key. This in-app help includes reference docs on MQL functions and dashboard layout regions.