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Common utilites and helpers for all MavenWorks packages.

Some of these are general purpose helpers, like AsyncTools and IterTools.

Type Annotations

MavenWorks includes a 'type annotation' system that feeds into the framework in a few different places, as well as the query engine. They generally live 'alongside' data at runtime, and do not interact with TypeScript in any meaningful way. The framework also makes no guarantees about correctness- a malevolently bent part writer is always allowed to write any value to any option.

This is likely to change down the road, mostly for soundness reasons but also to make the framework more useful with typed data and to improve error messages.


The base serializer lives in this package, and can be called using Converters.serialize or Converters.deserialize. If you have an unknown value, you can infer it's type using Converters.inferType, but beware: this function can get very expensive.

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